Professional Power Washing


Professional Power Washing

This is the most important part and probably the most over looked step in work. A good power wash entirely removes any loose materials or wood fibers from the surface to make certain the coating we apply holds on to the best possible substrate. Our power wash foremen have a vast amount of experience mainly washing homes for us. We own all of our equipment including professional grade power washers and only use 3000 psi (or greater) power washers when preparing your home. If you choose a contractor without much experience in this, your risk is having a failing paint job and also there is a risk of having your siding permanently damaged.

We take our work very seriously, just as if it were done at our own homes. We minimize our work space as much as possible to not be a bother in your personal lives. We work efficiently and punctually to get our work done as quickly as possible, but still managing to do a complete job with the best touch of quality.

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