Exterior Painting


Exterior Painting

Having the outside of your home look well is rather important. With the number of years of experience at GCPC we know right away exactly what a home needs done from the exterior when looking at it. You may be overwhelmed with who to hire, well with the years of experience our company will shape up your home in a way you will not regret. But now before we actually get to the painting element of the job there are a few preparation steps we take action of:

  • Detailed Power Wash - this is by far one of the most central steps before painting the exterior. A good power wash removes any kind of loose materials or wood fibers the surface to assure the coating we apply holds on the best it can.
  • Sand & Scrape - we always sand and scrape away rough and loose parts of the wood after power washing to ensure a good quality of work to be done. It is a important part of our preparation process.
  • Prime - for this we use Peel Stop Zinsser or Peel Bond from XIM. These two materials help lock down the edges of the old paint form before and prevents it from peeling the future.
  • Finishing Coat - for the last step we not only just use a paint brush, or a rolling technique or only spray painting, we use all three of these techniques to get the best quality from it and make it a lasting piece of work.

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